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Mechanical Plumbing and HVAC Jobs

In today’s era of industries, mechanical plumbing and HVAC jobs are the most gratifying jobs. The boom in the construction industry in the state has created a magnet for employees, skilled with mechanical systems to carve out secure and lucrative careers for themselves.

Mechanical Plumbing Jobs

The flow of liquids and gases through pipes is critical to modern life. In home, water is needed for both drinking and sanitation. In factories, chemicals are moved to aid in product manufacturing. In power plants, steam is moved to drive turbines that generate electricity and in offices for air conditioning and fire fighting systems. The mechanical plumbers install, maintains and repair pipes and provide mechanical services for water supply, gas, drainage, heating, cooling and ventilation by developing the piping system for commercial and residential sector.
The duties and responsibilities of the mechanical plumbers are listed below,
1. Studying blueprints, drawings and drafting specifications to determine the layout of plumbing systems and materials required.
2. Installing water-based fire protections systems, including fire hydrants, hose reels and sprinkler systems.
3. Assembling and installing mechanical services plant, air handling and conditioning equipment and small bore heating systems.
4. Installing underground drainage systems and associated ground support systems, metal roofing, rainwater harvesting and flashings.
5. Installing gas appliances, flues and pressure regulating devices.
6. Inspect and test installed pipe systems and pipelines and troubleshoot systems that are not working.

Mechanical HVAC Jobs

HVAC engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining heating, cooling and ventilation system of a commercial or a residential building. Heating and air conditioning systems control the temperature, humidity, and overall air quality providing a climate-controlled environment. The technicians install, maintain and repair heating and air conditioning systems. While doing so government regulations regarding the conservation, recovery, and recycling of refrigerants need to be followed.
The duties and responsibilities of HVAC engineers are listed below,
1. Use blueprints or design specifications to install or repair HVAC systems.
2. Connect systems to fuel and water supply lines, air ducts, and other components.
3. Install electrical wiring and controls and test for their proper operation.
4. Inspect, maintain and test individual components to determine necessary repairs.
5. Determine HVACR systems’ energy use and make recommendations to improve their efficiency.

Job Prospects of Mechanical Plumbing and HVAC Jobs:

In the last decade, the population in California has been increasing exponentially and the increase in the population has resulted in the increase in the construction projects creating good number of job opportunities for Mechanical plumbers and HVAC engineers. In Los Angeles, there are 141 mechanical contractors and 806 plumbing contractors looking for qualified and skilled employees with experience in HVAC and plumbing or having apprentice in the same field.
According to Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the employment of HVAC engineer and mechanical plumbers is expected to increase by 21 percent by 2022 in addition to replace the employees who will be retiring.

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