Plumbing/HVAC Purchasing

Location San Jose
Contact name: Eric Dickerson

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Job ref: 7837
Published: about 2 months ago

Job Title: Procurement Specialist - Commercial Mechanical Construction

Overview: An experienced Procurement Specialist is sought to lead purchasing activities within the commercial mechanical construction sector. This role is vital for managing the acquisition of equipment, goods, and services, supporting project management teams in efficiently meeting project requirements. The ideal candidate will ensure a steady supply of resources, maintain strong supplier relations, and streamline procurement operations for improved project outcomes.


  • Collaborate with project management teams to identify procurement needs and specifications, focusing on the requirements for commercial plumbing and HVAC projects.
  • Execute supplier, buyer, and purchasing activities, including securing competitive bids, negotiating terms, and making purchases of mechanical construction equipment and materials.
  • Issue and manage subcontract agreements as the purchaser, ensuring all contracts are finalized before the start of project activities.
  • Maintain an expediting log to track equipment lead times as a critical buyer responsibility, ensuring alignment with project timelines.
  • Follow up on equipment and material delivery schedules with suppliers as a buyer, ensuring timely availability for projects.
  • Negotiate and settle back charges, ensuring fair and equitable cost adjustments as part of comprehensive purchasing duties.
  • Keep abreast of market trends and pricing as a purchaser, identifying opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements in procurement.
  • Develop and maintain robust relationships with vendors, including suppliers, distributors, manufacturer representatives, and other vendors, to enhance the procurement process and outcomes.


  • A minimum of 3+ years of experience in commercial plumbing and HVAC purchasing, with a solid understanding of industry-specific equipment and materials.
  • Advanced knowledge of equipment and materials critical to the commercial mechanical construction industry, showcasing buyer expertise.
  • Strong established relationships with suppliers, distributors, manufacturer representatives, and other vendors, indicative of effective purchasing practices.
  • Exceptional organizational skills, demonstrating the ability to manage multiple procurement tasks and responsibilities as a purchaser.


  • Demonstrated problem-solving and negotiation skills, focusing on securing cost-effective procurement outcomes.
  • A proactive approach to vendor management, capable of nurturing long-term, strategic relationships as a key aspect of the purchasing role.

This position as a Procurement Specialist offers a unique opportunity to significantly contribute to project success through strategic procurement strategies, vendor management, and collaboration with project management teams. It promises a pathway to professional growth and operational excellence within the vibrant field of commercial mechanical construction.