Self-Care and How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Posted on 18 June 2014

 Many people, including myself, are guilty of making the wrong decisions during the workweek and the weekend. As much as binge-watching the latest Netflix show sounds like a good idea, it is never a good idea. Creating a healthy life and work balance is a struggle that seems never to end. Most people spend their time after work laying around and watching television or cramming as many activities as they can into a short 3-hour window because it’s their “free time.” 

 According to The Atlantic, the average amount of time Americans spend watching TV is “more than 7 hours and 50 minutes per household per day.” With the new age of YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc., these applications “have only cut about an hour per day.” While television can be enlightening in some cases, such as the National Geographic channel, most of us are guilty of mindlessly watching countless episodes of Cops and reruns on the Investigation Discovery channel.

After a long day at work, here are a few ways to maximize your time while also providing moments to wind down and rest your mind: 

1. Workout. Exercising is an excellent way of causing your mind to slow down and is healthy for the body because it releases endorphins, which are chemicals that spark positivity.

2. Read. Delving deep into a novel, or even a self-help book, allows you to escape the trials of reality and stimulates your brain. Here’s a list of the top-selling novels of the year to help you get started on your reading journey: The Best Books of 2019 (So Far)

3. Meditate/Yoga. If you have a membership with your local gym, they typically offer free classes that are a package deal with your membership, such as Yoga and Zumba. Can’t make it to the gym? There is plenty of free meditation and yoga tutorials with YouTube to follow. Here is a link to one of my favorites: 60 Minute Yoga Class - Vinyasa 1 Beginner Flow

4. Learn something new. Try picking up a new skill. There are many hobbies to choose from, such as playing an instrument, painting, writing, and more.

5. Cook. It is straightforward to fall into the spell of eating out due to the high volume of fast-food drive-thrus open until the odd hours of the night and their convenience and let’s not forget the food delivery services that bring the fast-food right to your front door. Try to prepare your meals at home. Not only is cooking a soothing practice, but it also forces you to eat at home (thus, you make healthier choices, and you save money). 

Nothing is better than coming home to a made bed and a spotless kitchen. 

6. Clean. A clean space provides a clear mind. 

7. Turn your devices off - except for your alarm, of course. If you have an iPhone, there is a feature called ‘Screen Time’ that allows you to schedule downtime (which sets time away from apps), as well as tracks the activity of your day. You will still be allowed to utilize your message and phone apps to receive texts and calls, but social media apps will be locked.

8. Set a sleep schedule. It’s essential to have an ample sleep to conquer your day. As per #7, shut your devices off at night to benefit yourself in the morning. 

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