Software helping commercial construction companies

Posted on 22 September 2014

​The construction industry is moving towards are more technology-based future with the movement of the Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things includes technology devices, such as iPads, tablets, vehicles, kitchen appliances, and more, that can process and share information to other devices of the exact nature. When working on construction sites, especially projects that reach the dollar value range of $1M+, it can be challenging to hold accountable each area of work, each worker, progress, etc. With IoT devices, tracking construction sites has become much more manageable.

Many project managers have begun bringing iPads to the job site for easy updates in recent years. Most of the significant construction scheduling software, such as BlueBeam, MS Project, and Plangrid, have built-in apps available for such devices for on-the-go project management. In these apps, there are shareable features that allow you to communicate with your team on the project and make real-time updates.

As technology advances, devices can monitor things like footsteps, heart rates, locations and more, due to their built-in sensors. For example, the app Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor can monitor your heart and track your stress levels. You place your index finger over the camera lens of your iPhone, and it begins to trace your heart rate. Imagine how these sensors can positively impact the construction industry.

According to Redshift by Autodesk, there is a newfound interest in applying sensors to materials, trucks, and more to ensure safety, practice better budgeting and oversee workflow. With the usage of IoTs, “construction sites are identifying risks before they happen. From poor air quality on a floor to a worker getting too close to a piece of equipment.” Therefore, these devices and embedded sensors can reduce injuries and accidents while also causing the construction project to flow smoothly.

At some point, Allison Scott (the Head of Construction Integrated Marketing at Autodesk), is hopeful that The Internet of Things technologies will “be used throughout the building operations to give us continued insights on how that building is performing.” There are immediate benefits during building constructions. There are prolonged benefits for continued maintenance on the buildings, as well.

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