Hiring Process (When Utilizing Recruiters)

Posted on 14 November 2016

So, you’ve rocked your interview! You may now be wondering, “What are the next steps?”

In the commercial construction field, it is not uncommon for the hiring process to take well over two months. However, sometimes it is a mere two weeks. It is entirely dependent upon the company. On the one hand, some companies are highly responsive and give you a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ regarding your hiring status. On the other hand, some companies require multiple in-person interviews, and the process ends up taking around 1-2 months. The waiting game can be strenuous but do not fret; there may be some good news in the end. Here’s how to stay up to date with your hiring process within a company.

As the hiring process can be drawn out, it is essential not to nag the company with emails and phone calls. It is not that the company forgot about you; the hiring manager might be busy with other tasks within the company. It’s best to give a call to the company about a week after your interview if you haven’t received any news. When working with a recruiter, the recruiter typically has a solidified relationship with the company and can provide you with much faster information.

If the company decides to hire you, an offer letter will either be sent through an email or ask for you to meet in person for review. If the offer is too low, it is best to negotiate responsibly. Be sure to look at your peers’ salaries in the industry and compare. Negotiating a higher salary can be done, but it must be completed correctly, or the offer will fall through. Working with a recruiter is a bit easier because it can be done through them. Instead of emailing or calling the company directly to negotiate, the recruiter will do it for you. Moreover, the response time will be much quicker, as well.

If the company has decided to take no further action, it is time for you to start the hiring process over again with another. However, with a recruiter, another company and position would/should be lined up already.

Furthermore, if you decide to accept the offer, the next step is submitting your background check. It is typical for large commercial construction companies to require a background check due to positions within the field. For example, field service technicians usually drive to each project; therefore, they must have a valid ID with a clear background check (i.e., no DUIs, speeding tickets, etc.).

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