Technology HVAC/Plumbing Project Managers Should Know

Posted on 13 February 2017

Managing a job site is a fun but strenuous task. In the commercial construction industry, project managers typically oversee multiple job sites, which requires them to drive to each location. Most of their daily tasks include budgeting, scheduling, and ordering. Additionally, they oversee labor, costs of materials, and balance time management. Two of the sole focuses of project managers is to ensure the project is completed on time and under budget.

How is this achieved?

With the advancement of technology, especially in the commercial construction field, it is imperative to follow the trends to view the best technologies within the industry. There are several program applications to do scheduling, but I’ve narrowed it down to the few that are generally utilized the most.


MS Project is an extension of Microsoft Office. The overall view of the application is extremely similar to Microsoft Office, nearly identical. If you are well-versed in Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel, then this product will be easy to learn. As most project managers oversee several job sites, MS Project has a feature that allows you to see all your projects’ tasks and more.


Revu is a product of BlueBeam that allows you to connect with other workers within the project, converts documents into PDFs (including CAD drawings), and offers the application on iPads for easy tracking on the go. Moreover, BlueBeam has a course that you can take to learn how to use the product and a 30-day free trial for Revu, as well.


Plangrid is an application that offers a feature that lets you share your “sheets” (project notes) with the rest of your team easily through the application. Furthermore, Plangrid allows you to store over 1,000 sheets in their software with the opportunity to overlay two sheets at a time to recognize the differences in a project spec.

Each application includes special features of its own. Be sure to search through each application to find your perfect fit. However, in most cases, a company requires you to work with the application with which they supply their team. Therefore, it is best to be familiar with each of the applications, especially if you plan on searching for a new position.

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