How To Become a Morning Person

Posted on 10 August 2017

You press ‘snooze’ on your alarm at least eight times before finally waking up nearly an hour after your alarm was set. When you do decide to get out of bed, all of the snoozing doesn’t help because you’re still tired. You hop in the shower, scrub as fast you can, and brush your teeth in the shower to save time. You don’t have time to iron your clothes, so you go to work with wrinkles in your shirt. Finally, when it’s time to leave for work, you grab an apple or a breakfast bar on the way out to substitute for breakfast.

Sound familiar? Leaving in a frenzy causes a messy house and a messy mind.

Working in the mechanical commercial construction HVAC and Plumbing industry requires you to work long hours starting early in the morning. Some construction job sites require you to be present on the job site as early as five in the morning. So, how do you condition your body to get used to waking up that early?

· Put your alarm across your room. It’s very easy to snooze your alarm multiple times in the morning – I’m even guilty of this. So, what I did was place my alarm on the desk across my room. Every morning, I have to get up to turn it off physically. It’s annoying but highly effective.

· Shower at night. It might be a small amount, but the extra fifteen minutes of sleep in the morning are glorious.

· Organize your breakfast and lunch the night before. Meal prepping for work is another great way to save time in the morning. Even try planning your meals out for the week. Healthy eating and organization are two great habits to possess.

· Love your job. This is the single, most important factor of them all. The more you hate your job, the less motivated you are to wake up on time, get to work on time, and put your best foot forward at work.

Wake up, start your day fresh, grab some coffee, eat a healthy breakfast, and be the ultimate morning person!

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