How To Prepare for a Skype Interview

Posted on 21 January 2021

​A Skype interview is a little bit different than an in-person interview. As it is online, it’s a bit harder to connect to the employer. However, we’re here to help!

1. Be aware of your surroundings.

Prepare a space for your interview. If you have animals, kids, or even a loud dishwasher, it can disrupt the interview process. Allot time for yourself to acquire a quiet area with little to no noise.

2. Test your computer.

Computers always seem to fail in the most critical situations. Avoid this issue by double-checking your computer for any complications. Try Skype calling a friend or family member to test the sound and video quality.

3. Close all tabs – besides Skype, of course!

Having other tabs open typically causes a computer to go slower than usual. Also, close all applications, as well.

4.What do you wear?

Well, the great thing about Skype interviews is that you only have to look the part from the waist up! You can dress as well as this guy pictured to the left while wearing your favorite pair of comfy sweats. Unless you plan on standing up, a nice button-up or blouse would be perfect.

5.Look at the camera lens, not the screen.

Due to the “selfie” era, we tend to look at ourselves more often; however, in this situation, this cannot be the case. Looking into the lens equates to direct eye contact with the interviewer. The employer never wants to feel like you’re disinterested.

6.Sticky notes are allowed!

The great thing about notes is that the employer won’t see them. Stick notes to the bottom portion of your computer to ensure they aren’t blocking the screen. Glance over to them when needed, but avoid averting your eyes to them too often as the interviewer may believe your attention is somewhere else.

7.Let’s talk about body language.

Avoid stand-offish positions, such as sitting with your arms crossed. You didn’t have the opportunity to shake the interviewer’s hand, so body language becomes extremely important. Sit up straight, but also remain relaxed.

8.Send a ‘thank you’ email.

So, you’ve made it through the interview. Follow up with an email thanking the employer for their time!

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