​Job Market Outlook for Commercial HVACR Service Technicians in Washington and Oregon

Posted on 01 December 2023

​Job Market Outlook for Commercial HVACR Service Technicians in Washington and Oregon

The job market for commercial HVACR service technicians in Washington and Oregon is robust and poised for growth. Key drivers include the shift towards energy-efficient HVACR systems, aging infrastructure, and increased commercial construction.

Demand for Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Businesses are adopting energy-efficient HVACR systems to lower energy costs and minimize environmental impact. These complex systems require technicians with specialized skills, boosting demand in this sector.

Aging Infrastructure

Many regional HVACR systems need to be updated, leading to inefficiencies and breakdowns. The trend towards replacing these systems with modern, energy-efficient alternatives generates more opportunities for skilled technicians.

Rising Commercial Construction

The growth in commercial spaces due to population increases and business expansion is another factor driving demand for HVACR services.

Wages and Job Outlook

Commercial HVACR technicians in Washington and Oregon earn an average of $45.00 per hour, significantly higher than the average for all occupations. Employment growth is expected to be 12% in Washington and 11% in Oregon through 2030, outpacing the average for all jobs.


Washington and Oregon's growing and evolving HVACR sector offers a promising career path for those interested in technical, hands-on work.

Additional Resources

Washington State Employment Security Department:https://esd.wa.gov/
Oregon Employment Department:https://www.maine.gov/portal/employment/jobs.html

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