Commercial HVAC Project Sales

Location Sacramento
Contact name: Eric Dickerson

Contact email:
Job ref: 6503
Published: 9 months ago

Job Description: Commercial HVAC Project Sales

Location: Sacramento, CA

Position Type: Full-time

Company Overview:

Nestled in the vibrant core of Sacramento, CA, our enterprise is a luminary in the commercial HVAC sector. We steadfastly hold our ground on delivering unmatched excellence, architecting bespoke HVAC solutions that adeptly resonate with the diverse requirements of our prestigious clients. Envisioning a widened footprint in the industry, we are pursuing a Commercial HVAC Project Sales maestro—an individual who infuses technical understanding with an intrinsic sales verve, fortifying the ranks of our enthusiastic brigade.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Champion sales drives, focusing on Sacramento's flourishing commercial HVAC market, extending tendrils into the surrounding locales.
  • Initiate and fortify ties with emerging and steadfast clientele, immersing into their HVAC aspirations and suggesting congruent solutions.
  • Draft exhaustive HVAC project evaluations, accentuating accuracy and strategic alignment in the market.
  • Join forces with our elite technical cohort, ensuring proposal blueprints resonate with our delivery capabilities fostering unobstructed project roll-outs.
  • Consistently update data in the CRM system, ensuring meticulous oversight of prospects and client database.
  • Achieve/exceed pre-determined monthly and annual sales benchmarks, driving the firm's ascendancy.


  • Residency in or proximate to Sacramento, CA.
  • A track record spanning at least 3 years in HVAC project estimation and sales is essential.
  • Prior roles as a commercial HVAC service technician, providing exhaustive insight into HVAC modalities and procedures.
  • Mastery of the MS Office Suite and a robust understanding of CRM tools for adept sales orchestration and client liaison management.
  • Exceptional interpersonal dynamics, fortified by a flair for articulate communication, sculpting enduring client affiliations.