HVAC Equipment Sales Executive

Location Fresno
Contact name: Eric Dickerson

Contact email: eric@gulfstreamsp.com
Job ref: 6508
Published: 8 months ago

Job Description: HVAC Equipment Sales Executive

Location: Fresno, CA

Position Type: Full-time

Company Overview:

Situated in the thriving center of Fresno, CA, our distinguished firm stands as a beacon in the commercial HVAC equipment landscape. Stemming from a tradition of unparalleled quality and innovative spirit, we remain committed to delivering peerless HVAC solutions tailored to the multifaceted needs of the commercial realm. As we navigate toward broader vistas, we seek an HVAC Equipment Sales Executive—an individual exuding sales insight combined with a deep understanding of commercial HVAC equipment specifics.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Oversee sales strategies, focusing on the Fresno commercial HVAC market and neighboring territories.
  • Develop and strengthen ties with our existing clientele, expanding our reach into fresh business avenues.
  • Engage clients with insightful consultations, gauging their requirements and recommending the most suitable HVAC equipment setups.
  • Foster a harmonious alliance with our technical and after-sales teams, ensuring we consistently exceed client expectations and secure sustained patronage.
  • Persistently achieve or surpass the monthly and annual sales benchmarks, significantly aiding the company's ambitious expansion objectives.


  • Residency within or near Fresno, CA.
  • Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) or an equivalent higher degree.
  • A minimum of 5 years of expertise in commercial HVAC equipment sales.
  • In-depth technical knowledge pertaining to commercial HVAC products, specifically RTUs, Chillers, Boilers, and VRFs.
  • Demonstrable stability in professional career trajectory.
  • Exceptional interpersonal rapport paired with articulate and captivating communication abilities.