HVAC Project Sales

Location San Francisco
Contact name: Eric Dickerson

Contact email: eric@gulfstreamsp.com
Job ref: 6428
Published: 5 months ago
Commercial HVAC Project Sales Specialist - San Francisco, CA

Company Overview

We are a top-tier HVAC solutions provider based in San Francisco, California, focusing on commercial applications. Our mission is to elevate industry standards through exceptional service quality, expert system installation, and meticulous project management. As part of our strategic expansion, we're actively recruiting a seasoned Commercial HVAC Project Sales Specialist to amplify our impact and sustain our track record of success.

Role Summary

As a Commercial HVAC Project Sales Specialist, you'll be key in nurturing client relationships, accelerating sales growth, and orchestrating project delivery. We seek an enthusiastic, goal-centric professional backed by a standout record in commercial HVAC sales, cost estimation, and project management.

Core Responsibilities

Strategic Client Engagement: Forge and maintain enduring partnerships with commercial clients in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

In-Depth Needs Assessment: Conduct exhaustive on-site evaluations to discern client-specific HVAC requirements, subsequently crafting individualized solutions.

Estimation & Proposals: Compile precise project cost estimates and produce compelling sales proposals that resonate with client needs while maximizing value.

End-to-End Project Oversight: Assume complete responsibility for HVAC projects from concept to completion, coordinating closely with in-house teams and external collaborators.

Data-Driven Sales Tracking: Sustain a current database of sales metrics, employing data analytics to gauge individual and collective performance against predefined benchmarks.

Revenue Maximization: Consistently achieve or surpass sales quotas, contributing substantively to the fiscal objectives of the company.

Client-Centric Service: Set a high standard for customer service, ensuring client contentment and fostering opportunities for repeat business.

Interdepartmental Cooperation: Serve as an effective intermediary among cross-functional units like engineering, installation, and maintenance departments.

Industry Intelligence: Stay abreast of emergent trends, technological innovations, and best practices in the HVAC sector, ensuring our offerings remain industry-leading.

Essential Qualifications

Local Presence: Applicant must be located in or have significant connections to San Francisco, CA.

Career Stability: Evident stability in employment history is a must.

Regulatory Compliance: Mandatory possession of a current and valid EPA certification.

Technical Mastery: At least 5 years of hands-on experience in commercial HVAC installation or service roles.

Commercial Insight: A minimum of three years of verifiable experience in HVAC project estimation, sales, and comprehensive management.

Interpersonal Skills: Demonstrable excellence in communication, negotiation, and rapport-building capabilities.

Technical Fluency: Proficiency in reading and interpreting blueprints and technical documentation.